Ronald Dell Davis, the founder of Davis Dyslexia Association (DDA), discovered a unique way of managing his dyslexia symptoms in his late 30s. I selected DDA as the subject for a project addressing accessibility. Most dyslexia advocates focus primarily on detecting dyslexia in children. Very few focused on individuals who had made it past elementary school, the most common age to be diagnosed, and maybe struggling through high school and into their adult lives. Because of Mr. Davis’ experience as an adult with dyslexia, DDA was the most relevant institution to embody the project. 
My goal with this project was to rebrand DDA as a company that would feel more accessible to an older crowd and to generate a campaign exploring some of the other less common symptoms of dyslexia. The rebranding focused on using techniques that are known to improve readability and comprehension for those with dyslexia, for example, using typefaces which research shows to improve reading speed and comprehension, a warmer color palette which helps to maintain focus and engagement, and increased tracking and leading which aids in the identification of letter forms and maintains a clear separation of sentences.  
The ‘seem familiar?’ campaign is meant to capitalize on the experience of myself and other adults who, in a way, stumbled into their diagnosis and wanted to explore more for themselves. Almost purely visual content simulates one  of a variety of dyslexia symptoms then prompts the view to explore more if the situation feels familiar to them.

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