who I am.
Kendall College of Art and Design 2020 graduate. My two major areas of interest are Advertising and Branding. I'm seeking a position working in-house for a Michigan brand or finding an Advertising agency in the Metro Detroit area.
Before moving to Grand Rapids to finish my degree at KCAD I spent two years at Henry Ford College. While attending HFC I was invited to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Outside of school, I began getting involved with the local music scene. For two years, I wrote and performed music with a local band from the area. That was how I got my start freelancing. At this time I was learning photography which would eventually be a gateway into film. 

While at KCAD, I was an officer of the KCAD Film society. Film has been a steadily growing passion of mine. Participating in the club has opened up fantastic opportunities to write, produce, shoot, and direct short films. I am hoping to potentially apply these skills in an advertising career should the opportunity arise.

Our Full Attention. 2019 Summer Internship
My contract with Our Full Attention (OFA) was for two months to support the design team on a rebranding project. The scope of which was to rebrand 8 private labels for an American specialty retailer of fabrics and crafts. My contribution included creating multiple unique looks and feels for each label based on audience research. Generate logo concepts and variants. Finally, build packaging mockups and presentation materials. When the rebranding project was completed OFA extended my contract through the rest of the summer. During that time, one of the larger projects I worked on was a redesign of a series of study guides. The project included 30+ cover and demanded a quick turn around time. I was able to provide both relevant and simple designs enabling the project to wrap up early.Working with OFA allowed me to work on a wide variety of projects across a diverse client base.
Freelance Career. 2017 to current
I began my freelance career after two semesters in the graphic design program at Henry Ford College. Slowly, I have grown a client base primarily made up of local bands from the metro Detroit area. What began with putting whatever I was asked to make on a t-shirt has evolved into much more. I have started working with bands to help build a cohesive brand experience across social media, print media, and merchandising.

American Institute of Graphic Arts
I have been a paying member of AIGA since my second year at Henry Ford College. At Kendall was my first experience with it as a school club. With the club, I have been able to participate in fundraising, extracurricular events with AIGA West Michigan, and tours of design studios. In my senior year, I was elected as the treasurer of the AIGA club. As treasurer I was tasked with proper management of club funds, aiding in fundraising, and the purchasing of club materials.
KCAD Film Society
The goal of the Film Society is to bring together film lovers to appreciate films as well as try our hand at producing films. As a member of the club, I have been able to participate as a writer, crew member, and have directed two short films. In addition to my roles on set, I was elected the treasurer of the Film Society.
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